I'll bet you're saying "Holy Crap, you're EARLY with this issue, and yes indeed I am! In this issue I'll cover part three of my "Rig's I've Owned and Used" list, along with a humorous look at the "Type" grouping of CBer's, and a review of the motorola CB555 Am/SSB base station -

41. Kenwoods TS-140S - nothing really special about this one, except that it's fairly inexpensive.

42. Yaesu FT-209r HT - Big, Heavy, but I liked it!

43. Yaesu FT290r 2m allmode portable - I've owned a couple of these but the display was really lacking and for the life of me, I don't know why Yaesu didn't offer something else with 2m all mode capabilities.

44. Stoner Pro40 - absolutely the BEST SSB 11m rig I've ever owned! Sure it doesn't have AM, but if I'm going to talk AM I'm not going to use a solid-state rig for that, I'll flip on a tuber!

45. Uniden PC122 - small, hard-2-mod, but one of the best little units I've had the pleasure to operate. A long time (ed. - make that "Long Suffering") friend of mine once proclaimed it to have the most natural sounding TX audio he had ever heard...and I was using the stock mike!

46. Palomar Skipper 71 - Nice looking, great chrome, but almost no adjacent channel rejection.

47. SBE Console V - Looks B-I-G in the pictures, but really it's fairly small considering all the knobs and buttons.

48. RCI-2980/Eagle 2000 - First one of these "rack mount" clone's I'd ever used. Bought it for a review. It was easy to operate and I didn't experience any of the usual RCI glitches.

49. RCI 2990 - Big powerful splatter-beast. I sold it to a friend of mine who is still using it, and he only suffers minor RCI glitches.

50. Demco Super Satellite - Perhaps the loudest sounding AM tuber I've ever owned! With the audio tube-type modulator, people thought was running an amp behind it!

51. Realistic TRC-457 - Cool looking black and chrome! Uniden chassis underneath! Red L.E.D. display and clock make you think back to the Heathkit days.

52. Uniden Pro810 - Basically a PC122 in sleek box with a power supply. Too sleek for me - I like my base units large.

53. TRS Challenger - Looked better in the picture. Nothing memorable to write about it.

54. Sharp CB5470. Nice size display and meter!

55. Sears Roadtalker 40 SSB - AC or DC, but not easy to modify I've heard. I got decent audio reports though.

56. Sears Roadtalker 40 SSB - DC/Only model. What this rig lacked was an RF gain.

57. Robyn 510D - Got excellent reports back on this stylish mobile. Not sure if it had been "tuned down" by it's previous owner, but the receiver (especially on AM) was one of the quietest I've ever heard (or, not heard).

58. President Madison - also a nice rig. I didn't like the round meters though.

59. Motorola 555 - AM/SSB Base. Nice compact unit. Too compact for me, and if I were going to have a white box in the shack, I suppose it would be a CPI

60. HyGain V - 40ch model. Liked it, but the NB wasn't as good as Uniden's!

Okay. I'm stopping at No.60, and will continue after I peruse the list to see what's missing and wipe the tears from my face (What a collection I would have today if I kept everything eh?)


FROM THE "Scientific Study" DEPT.-

An interesting scientific study came across the CBG news desk, soon to be published in the Lone Star Backwoods Scientific Journal, regarding the various "TYPES" of CBer's on the airwaves, written by the esteemed scientific mind - Dr. Hermie Birmwad Jr. and his associate, Professor Imma Wannabe.

As most of us are aware, they (Scientists) have broken most humans down into types (Example: "I'm a TYPE A", etc.) But it came to Dr. Birmwad's attention that there were, indeed, a whole new variable of "Types" to be found within the CB/11 meter family. With the permission of Dr. Birmwad, I've listed but a few of the intricate "types" his study group found:

1. Rag Chewer's - Doesn't matter if they're talking local or Dx, the Rag Chewer prefers lengthy conversations on just about any topic you could want to discuss.

2. Techno Rag Chewer's - Much like the above, DX or Local, it doesn't matter. The Techno-Rag Chewer's prefer lengthy conversations about equipment they've owned, equipment they own, and of course, equipment they plan to own.

3. Frequency Nazi's - One of the more "Tense" Type's, the FN sole purpose is to let you know if you are off frequency and by how much. Sarcasim is required, and you'll hear things like:

"I don't know WHO to talk to....I have 1 station off frequency below me, and another station off frequency above me....maybe I'll just tune inbetween them and talk to BOTH".

FN's are also very uptight if you forget to super size their fries....

4. Long Distance Preachers - When the DX rolls in, the preaching rolls out. I'm sure that as long as you've been catching skip, you have also heard 'bout the end of the world.

5. Sideband Stormtroopers - Guys who really need to calm down, and take some Prozac, like Mr. Wonderful, Leonard, etc. ('Nuff Said)

6. Arizona Sidewinders - a small group, usually one or two fellows who broadcast music, and obscene comments whenever they get a day pass from the "home" (ED.- "on the bright side, they also act as DX becons. It's easy to tell which way the skip blows when you pick them up. 'Nuff said)

And here I stop. Partially from typing and partially from laughing too much! Did I mention "DJ Wannabe's"??

(If you haven't yet - see my video page for the Spring Issue of the Video Gazette. I'm setting up another site so I can add the first video which was deleted to make room for this one).


I usually HATE documentaries, however my 16 year old son Chris brought home one about skateboarding, in particular "Dogtown and the Z boys".

I found this pretty interesting as it had plenty of interviews of the first famous skateboarders, blended with still photo's and some old super 8 footage. Suddenly, as if Moses had come down from the mountain and hit me on the head, I knew what my mission was - to film a Documentary about CB radio.....and work has already begun on it!!

Once it's finished, I plan to submit it to the Sundance Film festival. Whether it makes the grade or not, we'll have our story finally told. (here's where you come in)

I need help:

If anyone has video tape footage of their shack or jamboree's from the 70's and 80's, I'd like to get a copy from you (you'll be creditied in the film). I'm also looking for any older footage - maybe 8mm or super 8 that was taken of a shack or antenna install, etc. If you have this - contact me! Still photo's of early shacks are wanted as well, and - if you have a camcorder now and happen to be a Geezer from the "Olden Days", have someone tape you as you recall how it was "back then", and send me the tape.

I know I've been yakking about writing a book about the history of CB, and believe I have many pages written, but it just didn't seem right. This Documentary though give me that funny feeling on the back of my head though, and I think it will work well. So, if you'd like to help out on this project, send me an email!


I'm half way through my "Timeline" and lining up people to visit next year for the roadtrip. I still need photo's from days gone by! If you scan a photo in of your old shack or maybe a jamboree shot, please do it at 125dpi or better (Thanks!).

If you know of any CB Jamboree's still going on - please let me know




FROM THE "Website I visited" DEPT.-

Mine. Just an update here:

Besides this August Column, I've added a few New/Old reviews:


I've also added some photo's to the A-Z page!

And a site not related to mine:


This website has some real interesting pages, including some vintage CB recordings. Well worth your while!


FROM THE "Geez I'm sorry" DEPT.-

The lack of video's is a sore spot for you and I alike, but currently I'm out of room on the website and we're working on setting up another site just for the videos.

Regards, Woody





On a whim, I bought this off Ebay for $50 plus shipping. The radio arrived fairly quickly and I hooked it up to my test station. This was a "stock" radio, with no modifications (which would be difficult to do anyways).

Receive was clear, but the small internal speaker was a bit tinny, which is understandable due to the small cabinet. Transmit audio was low and fuzzy which I attribute to the microphone. At first, I was a bit alarmed because I didn't see a Noise Blanker switch on the front panel, but as I found out, the NB function is automatic, and it did indeed, do a pretty decent job.

Adjacent channel rejection was average, which I expected, and for someone requiring a small base station without extra channels or an unlocked clarifier, this would make a nice rig (the SSB TX audio was pretty close to where everyone else was, so for many communications it wouldn't matter).

All-in-all, not a bad little rig - too small for me and well....Unless it's CPI, "white" just doesn't do it for me.

Okay, you've spoiled some perfectly good web-surfing time reading this month's column, and the new web updates, so it's time to let ya get on with your E-bay bidding, or whatever makes your signal S-9,

'Nuff Said