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The RCI-2990/Galaxy Saturn "Turbo"/Eagle 5000/ base stations are basically the same rig inside. This review could also apply to the RCI-2950 and 2970 as well (stick a 2950 in a big box with a power supply and "dirty" amplifier and you get a 2990). The Eagle series is carried exclusively by Copper Electronics, and they no longer sell either the 2000 or 5000).


While able to perform on 10 meters, these rigs are commonly used on 11 meters instead, with easy, yet illegal conversions. Like the RCI-2950/70 they tend to be a little "loose" on receive, thus aren't reccomended for dense cb populations (On 10m I had someone on channel 19 who was close by shutdown the frontend of the receiver) For someone who wants a BIG box, then you won't find many radios larger than these, although, unfortunetely, except for color, they all look the same (it would be nice to have some cosmetic difference at least). Testing was done via actual use. One of the above rigs was used for several months to better evaluate them. In this humble reviewers opinion, it was a little pricey for the quality you get (at $600 you can get a nice used solid-state general coverage ham rig). This unit displayed the same flakey problems that a 2950 mobile we tried the year before had: Turn the channel knob one way - the frequency goes UP, turn it the other direction, the frequency still goes UP! (Until you rap on the top cover). Using the stock mike with the channel up/down buttons worked fine every time. The amplifier, like the one in the 2970 mobile rig puts out a hefty signal - too bad it's not a clean one. Cranked up, this rig makes a great TVI transmitter.

If I had a choice (other than a general coverage ham rig which is also illegal on 11meters), then I'd go back a step and pick the Eagle 2000 (RCI-2980, Galaxy Saturn) which seemed to be a better made rig (CB GAZETTE Review 1996), save a bunch of money and buy a nice used Turner Super Sidekick desk mic! (your voice characteristics will vary, a Turner +3 desk microphone may be better for you....anything BUT an echo mike).



Key Features



Power Output
Frequency Range (legal)
Frequency Range (illegal)
approx. 26.000-30.000
Modes Of Operation
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